ALL PGVC members and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which promotes camaraderie and supports our mission: Building lifelong memories, friends, family, and community through the sport of volleyball.

Please read our Code of Conduct for more guidance on what is expected at any of our events.

ignorantia juris non excusat,

or ignorance of the law does not excuse

We love and support our allies and advocates but need everyone to understand how we operate is NOT completely conventional and if we have modified "standard rules" you're used to, that is our prerogative and CHOICE...just like our lifestyle! You've chosen to participate in one of our events so please be open-minded and accept the rules we have presented here, throughout our website, all social media accounts, and/or in person. Expect there "may be GAYS" at a gay owned and operated Club event and that gender identity is not as important in our world than it is in others. NOT knowing or reading our rules & regulations is YOUR fault not ours. We are all adults and you need to take responsibility to educate yourself with OUR expectations and the environment we are building. As always, you have choices: 1 - join in the fun or 2 - leave! Not sure how to put this any other way since previous attempts have been misunderstood.