PGVC, the Directors, staff, and associates are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all who seek sanctuary. We welcome allies and advocates of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community and look forward to a long and productive relationship built around diversity, inclusion, honesty, and fundamental fairness and equality for all.

There are so many amazing events to choose from within the PNW and around the nation. If you’re attending one of our events, chances are you have a friend within our community and come as their guest. If you happened to just stumble in/on to one of our events unaware of the community we are, you’re going to have to make a choice. We like to pride ourselves with being a diverse and inclusive club that promotes education and understanding of our community. We would like to believe that given recent history and current affairs (Coronavirus Disease Pandemic, police reformation, quarantine, etc.) that the take away from the vast majority is that life is too short so just enjoy it wherever you are with whoever is around! We welcome athletes, regardless of skill level, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc., etc. (oh, and even those who believe pineapple makes things "Hawaiian"..LOL) to come out and join in on any and all our events. We ask that you understand that our priority will always be to protect and provide a safe place for the LGBTQ2SIA+ athletes and community. We will NOT tolerate any bullying, acts of violence, or any negative actions and/or comments at any time from club members or guests. There are two choices for anyone wishing to participate in any of our events:

1. Take a chance and join in on the fun! Our community might just surprise you! There’s bound to be lots of things you can find in common with members of our community. IF you choose this option, be sure to read up on our “House Rules” & Code of Conduct.

2. Choose not to participate and leave graciously. No explanation needed, we appreciate and respect it...but only if you make this decision before we have to ask you to leave. Depending on your actions and/or words, you may not be given another chance to to see what you’re missing out on! You don't have to like us, just don't cause a scene by calling us names or trying to create any type of chaos. It's uncalled for, embarrassing, and it's 2020!!


  • We foster a culture of competitive learning for some of our members; adults and Juniors. In order to show Juniors we are accepting of them, we allow them to participate in many of our competitive events (event dependent regarding minimum age)

  • Juniors will be subjected to the governing rules of the party who is sanctioning the event a Junior wishes to participate in (i.e. USA Volleyball or NAGVA)

  • If PGVC is the sanctioning party (Open Gyms, Allies & Advocates Leagues, etc.) then the following rulings shall be applied:

    • If a Junior has experience on a Junior Olympic u18 Club team or has or currently is playing on an accredited collegiate team they may participate in the A&A Competitive 6's A Division, A&A CoEd 6's A Division, A&A Quads, and Open gym sessions. Junior athlete must speak with Dale and receive authorization PRIOR to participating in any PGVC event. Junior athlete must also complete correct Assumption of Risk & Liability Waiver prior to participating in any PGVC event.

    • If a Junior has experience on a Junior Olympic u16 Club team or High School team at the JV or Varsity level they may participate in the A&A Competitive 6's B Division, A&A CoEd 6's B Division, A&A Quads B Division and/or Juniors Division, and Open gym sessions. Junior athlete must speak with Dale and receive authorization PRIOR to participating in any PGVC event. Junior athlete must also complete correct Assumption of Risk & Liability Waiver prior to participating in any PGVC event.

If you are participating in one of our A&A Leagues, please understand that the leagues are designed to be as INCLUSIVE as possible. We want to focus on skill development and give everyone opponents of the same skill level or as close to the same skill level as possible. However, we do understand that playing against younger athletes does not appeal to some adult athletes. If you find yourself in this position, please contact the league director PRIOR to the scheduled match you are concerned with. We value privacy and assure you that any messages or calls we receive will remain confidential. Obviously, if we have to shuffle some things around or decide to call it a draw on a match that involves a Junior team we won't be able to keep your team confidential.

Some of our rules are a variation of rules you may have encountered elsewhere. PGVC reserves the right to create or modify rules that benefit the Club, it's purpose, our members, and/or it's mission. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Dale

  • an example would be our rule concerning blocks during our 6'S & Quads leagues. As of 07/01/20 we decided that we would ALLOW men to soft block women, based on skill level of the women hitters. If the hitter is a strong female athlete that clearly gains an advantage with no block, male players may SOFT BLOCK. If the male blockers standing reach is above the net, he may NOT jump to block but will be allowed to put his hands up above the height of the net to create a soft block (no press). If a male player cannot reach above the height of the net while standing on the ground, he will be allowed to jump but must go up with straight arms and hands flat or pulled back to create a soft block (no pike and press). If reffing team believes there was a press then the point will be awarded to the hitters team. Men will still have to attack the ball behind the 10' line since the net will be set at the standard women's height of 7'4". Blocks where the male player goes up flat and breaks his wrist upon contact are considered a soft block. If the woman hitter does not hit the ball "straight down" or gains no advantage without a block, we ask that male blockers stay down and allow play to go on. ALL final judgments are to be resolved by reffing team AFTER first giving a warning, unless warning is given at the beginning of the set.

  • another is that since we allow women to participate in our mens tournaments, there are times that you will see "men" participating in events labeled "WOMENS" or what most would consider a women's event since "Standard USA Volleyball Rules" dictate it. Our club likes to see VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS and not limit ourselves with labels. When you see a person from a different gender, you should understand that we (PGVC) would not allow them to play a position that would give their team an obvious advantage. In other words, they would not be a PRIMARY hitter but may fill in as a libero or setter (with some occasional hitting and SOFT blocking (with a jump)). Don't let something like gender throw YOUR game off, put on your big girl panties and let's PLAY BALL!!

Captain/Team Rep (TR) Responsibilities - LEAGUES, TOURNAMENTS, SPECIAL EVENTS

  • Captain/TR need to have team rosters in by deadline set unless you have been approved for an extension by Dale

  • Captain/TR should verify their teams do not need to be approved for current player eligibility (primarily pertains to NAGVA tournaments)

  • Captain/TR will be responsible for passing on all communications to their teams

  • Captain/TR should request schedule changes as soon as they are able. Refer to “Request change of scheduled match” form.

  • Captain/TR should verify with team and PGVC representative that all required paperwork is completed and has been submitted prior to the teams first official match of the season they wish to participate. Missing paperwork could result in loss of point, set, and/or match.

  • Captain/TR, if playing on a court, will be the only person permitted to address the official. Any problems discussed will be resolved by the captain/TR and the official. act

  • Captain/TR will assign a team member to attend Captains meeting at the start of each week. If Captain/TR is main point of contact and unable to attend a session, they must contact league director and communicate who will be in charge and for how long.

  • Captain/TR should arrange scoreboard responsibilities for each court if your team is off. We realize that some leagues are set up to be "self-reffed" but this is a courtesy we should automatically give to those on the court as they will surely repay the favor.