These rules of play are for Indoor and Outdoor Quads.

TEAM Captains/Representatives/Managers: YOU are responsible for members of your team being familiar with PGVC House Rules. There may be some rules that are different than what you are used to or rules we have modified to benefit the athletes of our community.

If there is a protest on a rule, final decision will be made by a PGVC staff member. Judgment calls (doubles, lifts, directional blocks, open hand tip, etc.) are not eligible for protest.

If you or any of your team members have questions, PLEASE be sure to ask at the meeting prior to start of league, we will do our best to clarify these rules during the meeting

START OF GAME: Rock/Paper/Scissors will be played between the two captains; best of one wins and picks either serve or side. Teams will rotate sides and serve after the completion of each game.

SCORING: All games rally scoring, Best of 3 sets (21, 21, 15) Cap at 25 first 2 sets, 3rd set NO cap, win by 2

UNIFORMS: Teams do not need to wear uniforms. ​

PLAYING THE BALL OVER: NO directional blocking (includes pushing straight down balls), NO directional set over (shoulders must be squared when setting forward or behind), NO open hand tipping (fist or knuckles ok...if hand is open, "claw" or jab, the ball MUST have a visible upward arch), NO open hand receive on serve or free ball over - open hand receive on a hard driven hit and double contact on first ball is OK. Blocks do NOT count as a touch.

ROTATIONS: You do not need to rotate positions but you MUST rotate servers. Girls may attack ball from any area on the court (if middle back attacks ball at net, this is OK - GIRLS ONLY)

NET VIOLATIONS: A net is a net. Hair/shirt is ok. Player may cross under as long as they do not touch net, opponent or create an unsafe situation. THIS IS A JUDGMENT CALL. If an official feels the play was unsafe, it will be a side out or a point for opposing team. SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST, especially outdoors. Touching the poles, ropes, or sidelines are ok as long as they do not interfere with play or give the attacking team an advantage. In outdoors, the top of the poles are the antennae. Net height shall be 7'4"

CENTER LINE VIOLATION: No center line violation unless you interfere with player on other side of court or create a safety concern (judgment call for official/team on ref duty)

G U Y S / B O Y S:

Must attack the ball behind the 10 foot line, must hit in a visible upward trajectory if they step on or are in front of the 10 foot line (this includes guys taking the 10 foot line up with them)

Can block guys including guy free ball overs (no directional blocking), they can also SOFT block girls. If they roof/stuff a girl, point awarded to hitter