Portland Gay Volleyball Club is a volunteer led non-profit committed to promoting the sport of volleyball to the LGBTQ community, our friends, and our allies within the Greater Portland area, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Studies have proven that sport relieve stress and reduce depression, unfortunately, for an LGBTQ athlete it may increase levels of anxiety and anger which could turn into resentment and shame. Part of our mission is to provide a haven to our community in a world that can seem a bit harsh at times for all LGBTQ athletes and allies. A place where they feel connected, safe, and included...a part of something that will give them some hope and let them know they’re not alone.

Your contribution is more than a donation, it is a symbol of hope and an expression of acceptance to the LGBTQ community worldwide. On behalf of everyone at PGVC, we thank you for supporting us and greatly appreciate your gift.

Portland Gay Volleyball Club is a 501©(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Charitable ID #: 47-1431574