Fall Ball 2019

Fall Ball has been sanctioned for 2019! See our NAGVA site to register and our Facebook site to follow events. We'll also post event details, sponsorships, perks, schedules, and such on this site!

Fall Ball VI will have tournament hoodies for sale!! Check it out and get yours today! Limited supply and order is ONLY confirmed upon receipt of payment...Aunty loves you all but money talks, hunty!

Why worry about leaving the facility on Sunday to grab food? Especially if you're trying to climb your way back up from the challengers bracket!! Make life easier for your entire team and pre-order food to be delivered by Lucky Panda Deli...owned and operated by one of our own, Dominique Daung. They will also take orders for Saturday and deliver at 2 dedicated times according to pool schedules. Check out the menu and help support this family run business!!