Over the years, we have changed our logo from simple to the image below. As an LGBTQ2SIA+ organization, we want to be as inclusive as we can while maintaining our own identity. We believe in order to build a strong future we need to learn from the past, take care of the present, and teach our future that together we are stronger. Teach them that our cultures, customs, and beliefs are important and being different is what makes us...US! We don't need to agree but we should learn to understand and respect the choices and rights of others. Be someone that IS the difference in someone's life!

Our logo reminds us to remember and honor the past, as well as, pay tribute to all the trailblazers that bravely fought for the freedoms we now enjoy as a community. Learn OUR history as a community, don't take it for granted that you're able to walk down the streets holding hands, be legally married to someone of the same-sex, and that most of us can celebrate PRIDE surrounded by our chosen family!! Learn from the past, be aware of the present, and think forward for the future!! Speak up for those who aren't able and stand up for what is RIGHT! We need to malama (take care of ) each other and show PRIDE in all we do and represent!

We want to thank Sam "Peach" James for helping us with the two Native American symbols included on our logo. Peach's heritage hails from the Ichishkinn (Warm Springs) and Kiksht (Wasco) tribes. Along with the Paiute, these three Native American Tribes form the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs where she is an active member who teaches, is a volleyball coach and player. The land of Warm Springs stretches from the snow capped summit of the Cascade Mountains to the palisade cliffs of the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. It is the land where the sun shines most every day and time turns to the pace of a culture a thousand years in the making!www.warmsprings.com

The symbols surrounding PGVC , the volleyball, and Portland means that we will stand strong (spearheads) to protect (shark teeth in lauhala mat) our PGVC volleyball 'OHANA (lauhala mat) and the bonds (knotted rope) we have built, in AND around the City of Roses. We live in such a crazy and chaotic world but bringing people together from all over and of all lifestyles, playing and supporting a sport we LOVE, and most importantly creating amazing lifelong memories will always be important and will always bring us happiness.

ABOVE ALL ELSE, here at PGVC "Friends (crossed arrows) and Volleyball is ULTIMATE HAPPINESS (Thunderbird)"!!

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More than volleyball, our members have been good will ambassadors at many International Tournaments since 1991, helping to educate and promote acceptance so that those that follow can be free to be who or what they want to be without fear.

PGVC Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We have completed the Diversity & Inclusion Club Certification Program. We join the efforts of CEVA, USA Volleyball, RISE, and many other organizations to help athletes, coaches, tournament officials, parents, and spectators to stand up against discrimination and harassment and speak out as leaders to bring their community together. Please click on the button to read our philosophy and commitment to #VOLLEYTHECHANGE and continue to provide a safe zone environment for the LGBTQ athlete, family, friends, and allies. Find out how you can help reduce incidents of discrimination, racism, harassment, and offensive conduct of any kind that creates a hostile or uncomfortable environment.