PGVC's Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Our primary purpose at Portland Gay Volleyball Club (PGVC) has always been to promote the sport of volleyball in a safe, non-exclusionary environment for the LGBTQ athlete, our family, friends, and allies. PGVC embraces cultural diversity and helps to develop and train athletes at both the highest level of competition as well as a non-competitive atmosphere for those that prefer to use volleyball as a social outlet.

PGVC believes it is important to focus on the athlete, their training and improving skill sets and increasing knowledge of the sport of volleyball regardless of skill level, race, sexual orientation and/or gender identity. We strive to always live our motto: Building lifelong memories, friends, family, and community through the sport of volleyball!!

PGVC pledges to provide a safe zone for our community that is free from discrimination and exclusion based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliations, or other personal attributes. At all levels, we want to help identify and prevent bullying, cyber-bullying, hazing, harassment, and all forms of offensive conduct. We will empower and educate our membership by utilizing resources such as CEVA’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the curriculum provided in their Club Certification Program. We will also strengthen relationships with our membership through open discussions regarding all forms of discrimination and harassment and how. We will show our membership, our community, and our future leaders through our actions, examples of diversity and inclusion and how to speak up against discrimination and harassment when it happens and to stand up for victims.

Join PGVC & CEVA to help #VolleyTheChange on Diversity & Inclusion