07/24/20 UPDATE - Per the State of Oregon, Governor Kate Brown, and the Oregon Health Authority - all persons over the age of 5 are required to wear face coverings for indoor public spaces. In addition, face coverings are required in outdoor public spaces where social distance cannot be maintained.

At all times PGVC will be focused on creating and maintaining a culture that promotes equal opportunity play for our members. We use "men's and women's" to describe the variations of volleyball we participate in but we never allow those labels to box us in. In the heterosexual sports world it is used to define and limit who can participate in any sport...at least it used to...we want to stay with the current forward thinking world we occasionally find ourselves a part of. In the "mens" events it is automatically assumed and generally allowed without protest that women are allowed play (non-USAV sanctioned events, local leagues, pick-up games, etc). Our "women's leagues" are open to non-binary people who see themselves as partially or sometimes identifying with either gender and feel they would benefit from accessing a women-centered or men-centered space. PGVC is committed to challenging discrimination against non-binary people that may arise and help educate people about non-binary identities where appropriate.

Our rules are modified to "level the playing field" and promote longer rally's (in some instances, we would let a double contact play on IF the person contacting ball has been identified as a new player and/or if player is in a lower division and NOT the primary setter for team). In the upper divisions or upper level open gym play we expect all players to call their own or trust in those calling the infraction NOT to use it as a way to gain points. If there is a disagreement: automatic replay of point. Volleyball is a competitive sport and therefore can cause emotions to become unhinged. Please understand that we (the PGVC staff) have and will escort those conducting themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner off the premises. Throwing tantrums is also frowned upon. Please conduct yourselves like you present yourself...as an adult. TRUST...AUNTY don't play and you comin' up in OUR HOUSE! You have every right to disagree and we welcome discussions where things can be worked out, should PGVC decide something actually needs to be worked out but ALWAYS remember that this is NOT your usual volleyball club and the LGBTQ2SIA+ community will be top priority!!


"Competitive 6's"

This league is open to all volleyball players that do not identify solely as a Heterosexual Cis-man. ** It is open to transgendered and non-binary people who wish to participate.** The leagues will be shorter due to COVID-19 but teams will play AT LEAST 2 matches each week and end with a seeded season tournament (single or double depends on amount of teams and number of weeks allotted for any particular league). Net will be set at standard USA Volleyball Women's height (7'4") and one match will be Best of 3 format (25, 25, 15). League fees cover a team of 7 players. Please contact Dale @ VICEPRESIDENT@pgvc.org

There may be times you see Aunty D out there filling in...depending on the league she may only be a back row player (Libero/Setter). "Women's" is only used to identify format NOT what gender it is limited to. At PGVC we just see VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS...try it, you might surprise yourself??

** There may be cases where we ask trans or non-binary players to adjust their level of play for safety reasons (i.e- only hit out of the back row)



Designed to embrace and promote competition and camaraderie, this is our interpretation of "meet you halfway" league. There are some restrictions on some of the rules of play but none on guy/girl/non-binary composition! THAT's RIGHT...No restrictions on team make-up, get 3 of your volleyball besties together and come BASH! It's played indoors on a Women's height net of 7'4", each team plays 2 matches each week, men must attack the ball behind the 10' line and (a PGVC MODIFIED rule) can only FULL BLOCK (full press/clamp) other men as well as SOFT BLOCK (if hands are over net standing then you CANNOT jump) the ladies. Team fee covers 4 players.

For more information on our Quads leagues


Our preferred method of receiving payment during this time of contact free transactions is via Venmo (@PGVClub). We also accept payments through PayPal (PGVClub@gmail) and CASH app ($PGVClub). If you would like your team to pay per athlete, please contact Dale for instructions and payment amounts. Depending on method of payment chosen will dictate individual charges.

UPDATED AUGUST 1, 2020: SUB FEES: IF you bring in a sub that has not played or does not play in any of our leagues they will be required to fill out our waiver and pay a sub fee of $25. If your sub is CURRENTLY playing in another one of our leagues they may do so with prior approval. If they show up and have not been approved they may be asked not to sub and will have to leave the gym.