Preventative Action Plan

These Action Plan items may be periodically updated depending on how the State of Oregon progresses. Please remember that we are doing this for ourselves and our community. We would all love to see some kind of normalcy soon but the only way we will is if we all do what we can to slow the spread of the Corona virus. Stay Healthy and practice the 3 W's: Wear your mask, Watch social distance, and WASH your hands for at least 30 seconds!!

Preventative Action that PGVC is taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect all participants and their approved GUEST to do their best to follow as well as be ready to adapt if/when new mandates are issued:

1) PGVC will review the COVID-19 NOTICE and the steps participants should complete each time prior to arriving at a PGVC event (i.e.- When in doubt, sit it out!)

2) Prior to entering the playing area/gym space, all participants and their approved GUEST will have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer. If someone's temperature reads 99.5 F they will be asked not to enter. Participant will immediately and without question leave the premises and AGREES to follow-up with their health status, good and bad so PGVC knows whether to inform those who may have interacted with participant.

3) Once entry is approved, everyone will proceed to sanitize their hands and arms using approved CDC sanitizing wipes or sanitizing gel on hands AND arms, as well as any volleyballs they have brought with them.

4) Before and after each session, all Balls and Equipment will be wiped down with CDC approved wipes. Please do not start warming up if you have not sanitized yourself and any volleyballs you have brought with you.

5) Players will not be able to congregate, socialize in groups. Social distancing will take place for all drills. Please respect social distancing as much as possible

6) Players will be admitted thru one door (front) and released thru another so there will be no passing of players

7) Sessions will be started at staggered times, with buffer times between sessions

8) Players must go straight to the court assigned

9) No extra spectators/fans will be allowed in the facility. EXCEPTION will be made for 1 parent per Junior player but they must practice Social Distancing guidelines while in building. They must NOT make contact with anyone and will be required to wear a mask the entire time.

10) Players will have limited use of the restrooms and must wipe down the area they have touched with approved wipes, wash hands thoroughly, and use the hot air hand dryers only (if available)

11) NO HIGH FIVING between teams, just congratulate through the net or bump elbows if EVERYONE on both sides agrees. RESPECT THE CHOICE OF THOSE WHO DECIDE NOT TO!!

12) Players and coaches must come dressed in playing clothes and can not bring any bags or backpacks into the facility. May bring a towel, which must remain in the assigned area.

13) Players and coaches must bring all of their own hydration fluids. These must not be shared with anyone.

14) Anyone that is in a home or has attended a location that has had a positive test for COVID-19 should not be coming to the facility.

15) If you have family that you are in contact with that work in the CoVid 19 health care industry you are asked not to attend without having a 14 day quarantine.

16) Players will adhere to the modified rules of play (see next page) as dictated by PGVC or they will be asked to leave. The safety of ALL is priority.

17) PGVC will have a monitor to insure that these guidelines are followed.

We cannot EVER insure that following these guidelines or taking preventative measures will stop or prohibit the transfer of any disease. We can only state that we are dedicated to performing and providing what we can to help TRY and prevent the spread of disease. Participating in PGVC events or any event is voluntary and as such becomes the responsibility of the individual (YOU) to decide what parts you choose to follow through with at all times.