Portland Gay Volleyball Club relies on the generosity of sponsors to allow us to continue to support our mission: to promote the support of volleyball and provide a safe zone for the LGBTQ community. We also know that seeking support from sponsors will allow us to throw a successful tournament which is cost-effective for participants and remain financially sound. All proceeds will either fund the tournament entirely and facilitate awards, giveaways to the players, or seed future tournaments.

We want our sponsors to have a long-term partnership with PGVC so we are offering opportunities at various levels of investment from head “TITLE” sponsors to event sponsors. We have packages available to suit all budgets, but all aspects can be negotiated to suit individual requirements.

Corporate Matching Gifts

If your employer has a Matching Gift program, your donation to PGVC may be eligible to be doubled! Approximately 2/3 of companies with matching gift programs match employee donations to nearly any 501(c)(3) organization or educational institution. Many employers with matching gift programs match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees. They may also match retirees and/or employees’ spouses.

To double the impact of your donation, please contact your HR department to determine whether your company offers Matching Gifts and whether your donation to PGVC is eligible to be matched. Your HR professional will provide you with a form (or, in many cases, a URL link to an electronic form). You complete the appropriate parts and submit it to your company. After they have reviewed eligibility, etc., they will contact PGVC to verify your gift, and in about 4 weeks, they’ll issue the match directly to PGVC.

See our Sponsorship Package for more information about our organization and sponsorship opportunities.